About Us

A little about Trendy Pickle

We find the hottest and trendiest products on the market today. Then we lower the price. We are based in Wisconsin, Unites States.

You may have noticed the handsome vegetable at the top. That is Phil Pickle™. He basically runs the joint. He's a gentleman among pickles. A really nice guy so give him a shout out if you want. He'll love ya for it!

Are you tired of auctions from shady sellers? We're a real store with a brand name. We're not going to close and re-open under a new name. We're established and care about creating a home for trendy buyers. That's why we offer Pickle Points™ for loyalty. We also offer flat-rate shipping and EZ returns/exchanges on every product we sell! Besides, we have Phil Pickle™ running the store here. He’s serious about keeping you pickles happy!