Flask With Built-In Shot

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Top shelf, bottom shelf, or anywhere in-between, nothing makes drinking spirits into an event like knocking back the hard stuff with a celebratory shot. Now, the same streamlined silhouette that makes the classic flask your best drinking buddy is made all the better with a built-in shot glass in this cheers-worthy combination. Your on-the-go vodka, gin, bourbon, or rum will look dapper in this five-ply stainless steel body bound in faux bonded leather that slips covertly into your bag or back pocket.

What appears to be a handsome embellishment in the center of the vessel is actually a collapsible 2 ounce shooter that can be put into action with a simple twist. Equal parts handsome and cool, this two-in-one traveler is bound to be the toast of the tipples for your anyone who enjoys their spirits neat, in more ways than one. 5.3″ L x 3.75″ W. 8 fl. oz. capacity flask includes built in collapsible [approx.] 2 fl. oz. capacity shot cup.

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