Air Cushion Eyebrow Color System

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The Air Cushion Eyebrow Color System contains a two-shade liquid brow compact that creates fuller-looking eyebrows. Some technology was put into this makeup system. The Air Cushion Eyebrow Color System has a cushion-like dispensing system that allows the eyebrow brush to become more saturated than normal eyebrow systems. With each application you get rich, pigmented colors that are both smudge-proof and sweat resistant. This ensures long-lasting and gradual eyebrow shades.

Use the brush end of the applicator to brush your natural eyebrows. Bounce the angled brush end into the Air Cushion Eyebrow Color System. Work in the direction of the hair growth, applying short-light brush strokes while working the lighter shade towards the front and the darker shade towards the tail of your brow for a customized effect. The quick-drying formulation allows you to re-apply and build up the intensity of shade and fullness where desired.

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